How to Report a Conflict for Smart Crawl

We have discovered a conflict between Smart Crawl and Woocommerce. It has been confirmed by wooninjas. I am wonder how to report it so that it can fixed in a future release. The conflict prevents us from emptying our trash and/or removing variations from variable products when Smart Crawl is activated. It throws a 500 error. When Smart Crawl is deactivated, trash can be deleted and variations can be removed from products.

  • Adam Czajczyk

    Hello racquetnetwork,

    I hope you're well today and thank you for your question!

    In order to report any bug or error all you want to do is post it here, just like you did this time. The staff member then tries to replicate it on his/her own setup and either reports as a bug to developer or provides you with a solution.

    There are however cases when more in-depth investigation is necessary and I'd say this is such a case. I tried to replicate the issue on my sandbox with Twenty Fifteen theme set up and only WPMU DEV Dashboard, WooCommerce and SmartCrawl plugins active but I wasn't able to. I could empty trash for both posts and WooCommerce products (regardless whether products included variations or were simple products) and I was able to add and remove variations to products.

    I'm not saying that SmartCrawl doesn't affect WooCommerce on your setup but I think there's more into it and it's more likely an issue specific to your site. That said, I understand that disabling SmartCrawl lets you empty trash and/or remove variations but have you tried that also with SmartCrawl active but all other plugins disabled and/or theme switched to default Twenty Fifteen or Twenty Sixteen?

    I think it would be worth checking this so would you give it a shot? If it works then please try enabling all other plugins back "one by one" and at some point the conflict should come up again.

    Let me know the result please!

    Best regards,

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