How to Restrict access to Registration completed page

I have setup the Membership plugin as I needed to create a Members only forum section and have been able to successfully restrict this area to the members only.

However the Registration completed page - the page that the new member gets redirected to when they register is not restricted.

I have tried restricting it by adding it adding the URL into the URL Groups section as well as the Access Levels section but neither has worked so far.. In the the Access Levels section the The registration completed page is not listed as described by the page notes so I tried adding the URL groups to the negative rules to the visitor level.. But no luck....

Not sure what I am doing wrong...

Shouldn't this page be restricted by default...

Other details that may help are:
The membership level is free but requires an invite code.
There are only 2 levels -> visitor and the private level I setup.

Can someone point me i the right direction to get this working?

Thanks in advance!