How to restrict sub-blog posts to a pre-defined set of categories or create a site-wide custom taxon

I'm in the planning stages for a very different usage of WP Multisite and trying to get my head around some kind of strategy to restrict my sub-blog users to only a specific set of categories for their posts. We're setting up the users with their blogs on a one by one basis and they will use only one theme. They have three basic types of posts they can add and we want to restrict those posts to specific categories so we can promote posts on the home page of the magazine style main blog on a by category basis.

None of the users will have full admin access.

I'm trying to figure out if I should setup custom post types in a blog template that is used for every new blog setup, use Pods or something like it to create a custom write panel that hides the category from user input (in other words, a static category based on the post type).

Just trying to figure out the best approach -- any guidance would be appreciated.

  • Mason

    Hey Scott,

    Interesting question. I've heard good things about Pods but never tried it myself. You could always use our New Blog Template plugin to create the template blog with theme customizations and post categories. You could then use a plugin from the repository to hide the add new categories page. Since each blog is using the same theme template you could even code this into the theme's function.php file and the rules would apply regardless of the user roles.

    There's definitely a lot of ways to attack this one. Let us know what you decide! :smiley:

  • Scott M

    Ahhh... I think that might be a great solution. So I could (in theory) setup a new sub-blog, create a number of custom post types each with it's own categories specific to that post type, hide the add new categories page (either by role management or in function.php) and then save that setup as a template for the "New Blog Template" plugin going forward -- I think I just restated exactly what you said LOL but just trying to get my head around it.

    So... going forward, if I make a change to that template, any change will be "pushed" to all existing blogs based on that template... right?

    Thanks. Once we get beyond design stage I'll let you know how we decided to approach this, but your input really shed some light.

  • Mason

    So... going forward, if I make a change to that template, any change will be "pushed" to all existing blogs based on that template... right?

    As far as I am aware, there's "no strings attached" between the blogs and their original template. Someone else can correct me if I'm wrong, but I believe once the new blogs are created, they are in no way linked to the template site.

    Glad to be of help and looking forward to hearing what you decide to do!

  • sputnik

    I just wish I could get the Blog Template plugin to install and work ...

    Id like ot set the settings - independent of the themes ... i dont know why the theme would need to be tied to the settings ...

    Settings like:

    Posts per page
    Full or Partial rss feeds
    Atom Publishing and xml-rpc on/off
    privacy - SE blocked or allowed

    etc ... not much to do with the theme - but on the one network install of wp i didn briefly geet this plugin to install and work on ... it conflicted wit hthe random theme generator plugin.

    I want new blogs to have the settings i want - from the get go - but a random theme ...

    a lil help would be most appreciated ...


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