How to scale Multisite using Multi-DB and Servers

I would like to set up my Multisite WP install on two servers in different countries which are both using the same databases. Multi-DB, as I understand, is designed to balance MySQL loads across several databases. I need help with creating a redundancy between the two servers in a scalable way.

We are trying to achieve 2 or more fully redundant systems which can scale up (HDD space) in tandem.

Or, if we can find a way to have 3 nodes where the WP Install is redundant across 2 slave nodes that would be OK so long as we have a load balancer to send requests to the correct IPs. Could anyone point me in the right direction, a guide would be great but any information would be appreciated.

Thank you!

  • Michael Bissett

    Hey @Adrien, hope you're doing well this evening! :slight_smile:

    Just to be certain, is the goal here to have redundancy of databases here across multiple servers, or redundancy of entire Multisite installations?

    Multi-DB is designed to spread each sites tables across databases on a single server (it can be a remote server), I'm not sure how that ties in with this here?

    Could you elaborate on this please? It seems like we're in territory that'd be best discussed with a system admin (given the nature of what you're trying to accomplish here).

    Kind Regards,

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