How to sell my service with Regular License

I have question about License, Multisite, and what approach can I take to sell my service.

I have questions regarding license and how to charge my clients. I have developed a multisite wordpress site. I have purchased alot of theme and plugin from themeforest and codecanyon. Then I install all those plugin and theme into my multisite. As I am a freelance web developer, my initial intention was to help me in creating my own client website. But since I see it might have potential, now i want to commercialize my site. I want to open my site to public. So when a customer sign up, for a flat fee, they can get access to all plugin and theme that i purchased and use it to develop their wordpress website in my multisite. then they can map their own domain to the site. so basically this is a tools that help developer to create their own wordpress site. I read that there is regular license and extended license. Since I only purchase regular license, I am pretty much limited to certain usage. The differences can be seen below.

Regular License
Use, by you or one client, in a single end product which end users are not charged for.

Extended License
Use, by you or one client, in a single end product which end users can be charged for.

So, I am thinking of doing one of the below.

a) Sign up is free. Usage of theme and plugin in the website is also free. But using Pro Sites plugin, I will set a very limited 1MB-5MB space for usage. For more than that, they need to pay a flat fee and get access to maybe 100MB of disk space.

b) Sign up is free. Theme and plugin will be split into two categories. Free and Premium. So if they want to use all the plugin and theme that I have purchased before, they need to pay a flat fee.

c) Sign up is fee based only. Trial maybe. Then everyone want to use the service need to pay flat fees.

d) Bundle this service with web hosting service. I also have my own hosting service. So I bundle this as a special package. But by using my multi-site, the customer dont even have to use any disk space or bandwith in their own hosting account. Maybe for email but not for the actual website. Then the service is free as it is bundle with the hosting.

e) Or do anyone have idea on how do I use the Regular License but still charge my customer a fee.