How to send e-newsletters to a group of people based on the groups they belong to?


We want to use your e-newsletters plugin to send newsletters to some group of peoples. Can you explain me how can I fit your plugin to met our use cases as described below.

We have custom post type Opportunity. It has topics, region and activities attached with each opportunities.

We also have subscribers to respond to these opportunities and each subscribers also have region they lives in , topics they are interested in etc.

So we want to send e-newsletters to our subscribers by making groups based on topics, region and activities.

For example: Subscribers from US and interested to 'small business' and 'Nutrtion' (topics) will get e-newsletters with opportunities taged with region for US and topics for 'small business' and/or 'Nutrition'.

We need your help to find how can we use your e-newsletters plugin in this use case.