How to set multiple tiers of site/blog creation

The Blog & User Creator allows us to create sites by batches. But is it possible for us to control the number of sites that can be created by users (in a multisite network), so that it can work along with Pro Sites? Eg. Pro Site Level 1 subscriber can create 5 sites, Level 2 subscriber can create 10 sites, and the list goes on. The purpose is to increase the number of sites that can be created by a user when he upgrades his Pro Site level. Or is there any other way to achieve this? I find that both the Batch Create and Membership plugins cannot solve this either.

The plugin of 'Limit blog per user' only allows network admin to set up the limit of blog per user once for all. No tiers of site creation can be created.

  • Patrick

    Hi @john_tan

    Welcome to the forums!

    Upgrading the Pro Site level would have no impact on the number of sites a user could create, and that is actually not in the scope of the plugin. Pro Sites is site-specific, not user-specific. That means that its functionality only applies to a site once it has been created. It has nothing to do with the actual creation of the site, which is handled by core WordPress functions.

    However, what you are looking for is available in the Membership plugin. When creating access levels, you can set the number of blogs users on that level are allowed to create.

    Currently there is no direct integration between Membership and Pro Sites though. So the flow would be like this:

    A user signs registers on your site and selects a free or paid Membership subscription plan with the desired limit of blogs (as you have set up the access levels for your plans).

    You could even use New Blog Templates plugin to enhance the selection themes and features included in new blogs at the time of creation.

    The user can then start blogging immediately, and decide whether or not to upgrade their blog. That is when Pro Sites would kick in. :slight_smile:

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