How to set PayPal in "purchase" mode instead of "gift"?

I'm still testing the plugin to make it work as intended.

When I click on an amount to pay in my fundraising page ( I'm redirected to a PayPal "gift" page, not a "purchase" page.

That's not so good because people MUST have a PayPal account to give money, that's not the case with a regular "purchase" PayPal page when people can just use these banking card.

How could I force the plugin to redirect to a "purchase" page and not a "gift" page please?

Also, a friend of mine tested the plugin for me, and he received an error from PayPal saying that I can't accept paiement!

That's really weird since I have a Business PayPal account and receive money with no problem, in fact I received 10 € from someone the morning the same day my friend tested, unsuccessfully, the fundraising.

If that's help, I also set my IPN active in my PayPal parameters with the url :

Thank you in advance for your help!