How to set up a verify email ?


I want to set up for a new member register and them need to check email and click confirm.

Help me please

  • signed_up


    This should be there by default. What plugins are you running? Are you on a BuddyPress installation?

    You may not be receiving verification emails, because your hosting doesn't support the php mail() function. For this, you can try using WordPress Easy SMTP:

    But I really suggest Mandrill through the wpMandrill plugin for transactional emails:

    It's from MailChimp, reliable, and I do believe that 12k/month emails can be sent without any charge. My recommendation is only based on experience using it.

  • Alexander

    Hi @Saratit,

    Looks like @signed_up hit the nail on the head here. Membership is still tied into the Wordpress registration system, so they should receive the emails as normal.

    The most common cause of this is problems with php mail. One quick test you can do is creating a new user from the backend, and seeing if they have the password emailed to them.

    If it fails, the Easy SMTP plugin is a good choice for getting started, or you could check with your host if you want to figure out any php mail issues.

    Thanks for being a WPMU DEV member. Let us know if we can be of any further assistance.
    Best regards,

  • signed_up


    If you tell me what host you're on, I have a little free time to do a quick check on their php mail() policy. Many great WordPress hosts (and sometimes other hosts), such as WP Engine and WebSynthesis. Here is a great explanation to why they do this from Web Synthesis's FAQ (

    We thoroughly believe in separating email from hosting, as they are two separate entities; and we highly recommend a best-in-breed provider that can focus on the spam reality that is today’s email world. Our support team can provide guidance for configuring your site to use our hosting and a separate email provider.

    We also highly recommend a DNS provider that has a scalable infrastructure. Placing your DNS and email on a local VPS is not recommended for performance in our opinion.

    In addition to that, many hosts stay away from this, because there will always be users who mark their emails as spam and then, their credibility is lost and it can hurt others on the same server.

    If you server doesn't support SSL or other security measures and you are on a lower plan, you may encounter trouble with going through the Easy SMTP plugin and Gmail SMTP servers (very popular, so thought I would mention) or many other popular servers. This is because they require secure connections that your server may not be able to provide.

    Additionally, for emails like verification and so on, I wouldn't suggest relying on free SMTP servers, because they aren't such a great idea or extremely reliable (though many use it) for transactional mail.

    I would definitely suggest going with a service like Mandrill, especially because free wpMandrill plugin connects it directly and seamlessly into WordPress. Also, for most people, 12k transactional emails/month should be fine — free plan —, but, if that's too less, I'm sure you are an organization that should have the budget to increase it — Mandrill does have paid options to increase limits.

    For some reason, if you don't like Mandril:
    Amazon Web Services

    These are all options (but I have experience with absolutely none of them except Mandrill)!

    Tell me how this works out for you.

    Note: I am not associated or an affiliate of Mandrill in any way. I am just making this recommendation from experience with the service.

  • Jim

    Hi, Alexander

    The Membership plugin can not set the email notification to new user register

    When I registered with i will receive the email like this
    You've been invited to join 'Thai Top Thirty' at with the role of Subscriber.
    If you do not want to join this site please ignore
    this email. This invitation will expire in a few days.

    Please click the following link to activate your user account:

    But i register with membership plugin the email send to me like this
    Username: xxxxxxx
    Password: xxxxxxx

    I want to set the email notification like wp-signup.php

    Thank you

  • Alexander

    Hi @Saratit,

    I apologize for the delay here. I've looked into this, and it turns out Membership actually uses a different method to send the emails than the standard registration page, although the accounts are created in a similar way.

    Because Membership will always ask for a password at signup, that password will be emailed to them.

    There are a few ways you can change the appearance of the email however. For example, we could use the membership hook: "membership_susbcription_form_registration_notification"

    Would you be ok with a code based solution for this? If you'd like I could put something together for you. Just let me know what you would like the email to say and I'll make a function you can add to your site.

    Best regards

  • Jimmy


    I had the same problem as you, and finally I have to drop Membership plugin's registration process and use another plugin for that.

    You can use this plugin:

    They have the email confirmation for feature new users. You can remove / hide the registration page created by Membership plugin and use those instead. Theme My Login can integrate the forms right into your pages, while Register Plus Redux have more options but can't be put into your pages (you still need to access the registration via

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