How to set up DNS for new site.

Hi, How am I supposed to configure a new site's DNS. The registrar is Namecheap. I clicked on the domain and went to URL forwarding.

For host name "@" I put my dedicated IP address and selected "A (address)"
For host name "www" not sure what to put in.

It worked before I switched hosting. In my new hosting I added wildcard DNS with A record and wildcard sub domain. Not sure if I even need those.

Any advice would be very appreciated.

Thanks. S.

  • Michael Bissett
    • Recruit

    Hey @stephani, hope you're doing well this evening! :slight_smile:

    Just to be certain, since you selected our Domain Mapping plugin as the project in discussion, you're wanting to map a domain purchased inside of Namecheap to a subsite on your Multisite, right?

    Inside of Namecheap, are you pointing the domain to the nameservers for your new hosting?

    If not, then you'll want to do that before we continue, you can learn more on doing that here:

    In regards to this:

    For host name "@" I put my dedicated IP address and selected "A (address)"
    For host name "www" not sure what to put in.

    Where are you doing this? Would this be inside the DNS management area that your host provides?

    Who would your host be, if I may ask?

    And just to be certain (because it doesn't hurt to be sure), have you had a peek at the "A Record & CNAME" section on our usage page?

    Please advise,

  • stephani
    • Flash Drive

    Hi Michael,

    I see how that was confusing. I should rephrase the question.

    Let's say someone just bought a domain from Namecheap. Then they go to my sign up page to create a site. Before they can map their domain, they have to do something within Namecheap. What is it they do? Is it simply add my nameservers or do they do URL forwarding? Also, I don't want to add each domain to my hosting as an addon domain.

    Thanks. S.

      • The Bug Hunter

      Hi @stephani

      It sounds like you want to be using 'A Records' :slight_smile:

      You would only set be setting the domain to use your host's nameservers if you are going to be doing an addon/parked domain via cPanel/etc... that does not sound like what you want :slight_smile:

      In your example of a person buying a domain (at namecheap or anywhere) and then wanting to map it to their subsite on your network without any action/support needed from you, the person will update their DNS info at their registrar (namecheap or whomever) to point to your IP address.

      A 111.222.333.444
      as for the cname Q, thats a further Q, depends on your goals...
      standard would be something like
      CNAME www

      Hope thats helpful :slight_smile:

      Cheers, Max

  • stephani
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    Hey Max,

    I'm using A record. I've been through every relevant thread and forum. The domain mapping is not working and I think I've exhausted every outlet.

    It worked on Hostgator, but now I'm with Host With Love and I get an Invalid health status. However, even though is says "Invalid" it would redirect to an existing site that's an addon domain. But for a site not in my add on domains, I get the host's default page.

    I have dedicated IP:

      • The Bug Hunter

      hey @stephani

      But for a site not in my add on domains, I get the host's default page.

      This def. seems relevant to the issue.

      To be clear, you mean that:
      1a) if you have set the domain to use the host's nameservers and
      1b) added the domain as an 'addon' via your host's cPanel and
      1c) mapped domain via wp admin, it then
      1d) reports 'Invalid'
      1e) visiting mapped domain works

      2a) if you have set the domain's dns to use an A record pointing at your IP and
      2b) mapped domain via wp admin, it then
      2c) reports 'Invalid'
      2f) visiting mapped domain returns host's default page!

      Sound accurate? Unfortunately, I am not able to diagnose/resolve for you...
      I'm sure staff will be able to step in and work you through it :slight_smile:

      Aloha, Max

  • stephani
    • Flash Drive

    Hey everyone,

    I really appreciate all of your responses and effort helping me with this issue.

    I recruited someone from my hosting company to help me figure this puzzle out. Late last night he found the problem.

    My dedicated IP was spread out across my other domains in my account. So he assigned the IP to just my network and gave the other domains a different IP. That worked.

    Once again, I appreciate all of your support. Thank you all.

    Happy holidays,

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