How to set up one course with various start dates throughout the year

I run the same course several times throughout the year and offer students the option to select from a range of future dates using the product variation option in marketpress.

The problem is that a student who has enrolled in an April course can access the materials from February when the first course enrollment starts. I would like to be able to make sure they can only access the course from their selected start date.

I only want one product for all the enrollments - I don’t want to create separate products for each course start date as it will look too messy in the shop, product titles etc.

Any suggestions?

  • Jude

    Howdy @mgr34t

    Thanks for getting in touch !

    This is not currently possible out of the box because of the way the plugin is built. That said I am marking a feature request on this and we can consider it depending on how many other members request something similar.

    That said an alternative here would be to duplicate courses and add the month to the title of the course and set individual start and end dates. This will still add additional products to the store so not sure how helpful it will be.


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