How to Set Up SSL?

How do I go about getting/installing SSL for my WP multisite? Am setting up Pro Sites plugin which relies on PayPal Website Payments Pro which in turn requires SSL...

  • scott74
    • The Crimson Coder

    Depending on your hosting provider, they can supply one for you but you will have to purchase! I use Host Gator Business Plan which comes with an ssl cert and they install it.

    You can certainly go out and buy one and install yourself...

    Pro Sites does not rely on website payments Pro I don't believe Its just an option for people who have websites payments pro account with pay pal and want the ability for people to check out directly on their website instead of being directed to a pay pal page.

    If your ok with the redirect to pay pal then you would just use your api user name , pass and sig and do not select the checkbox to enable Pro in the settings of pro sites which would then I believe would use pay pal express checkout..... Express would send them back to your site after purchase.... and then you would not need the ssl.

    Don't forget also that if you are doing recurring payments, that is an ad don for pay pal that you have to pay for either way (express or pro)

    From study's though , I here the conversion rates are higher when people check out directly on you site..

    If you plan on domain mapping with an ssl.... that is a pain in the %$%%**

    I am getting ready to implement myself so will update you my finding which I already have an ssl :slight_smile:

  • Strategerizer
    • Site Builder, Child of Zeus

    Thanks for that info! Great to know I can simply use my existing PayPal account. I guess I have the "Website Payments Standard", where I do not have to pay monthly charge but customers can use credit cards. I think the "PayPal Express Checkout" forces customers to use their PayPal (requires them to have a PayPal account) as single payment option.

    Later, I can ramp up sales before having to commit $60/mo for the Pro version with the recurring option.

    A few additional clarifications needed, if you would be so kind to illuminate further...

    1. So I understand then Pro Sites plugin can still perform recurring monthly billing using only the Standard PayPal account (free), but I will need to add subscription option (for a monthly cost). Checkout will happen on the PayPal and end-users can pay with PayPal or credit card. Right?

    2. I know PayPal pushes hard for end-customers to pay using PayPal and the option to use regular credit card is somewhat less obvious. Do you know if there is a difference between Standard and Pro related to that behavior?

    3. Would using the PayPal Pro account with the Pro Sites plugin enable a shopping cart that does away completely with the PayPal branding (including the shopping button itself)?

    I have a HostGator private server but I am in the process of setting up cloud hosting using the Amazon AWS EC2 infrastructure. For a non-professional webmaster it is quite a bit of a ramping curve... Just got the ins/outs of managing the private server and using various features in the cPanel... Amazon requires a whole new level of expertise and command line management from SSH console. I am using BitNami Cloud Hosting to provide some "training wheels" and make access/management a bit eaiser.

    4. So... if I use HostGator to get SSL and get it working more easily on my existing server, can I simply transfer it to a non-HostGator server later (such as my my Amazon EC2 "server")?

    Domain Mapping does indeed make everything a lot more complicated. Am running into issues testing my multisite migration to the new server but cannot test it out right since the DNS points to my HostGator service still so not sure if all my subsites will be working properly once I switch the pointer to the IP address of the new server.

    Pleased update the thread with your experience on SSL + Domain Mapping.


  • DavidM
    • DEV MAN’s Mascot

    Hi Strategerizer,

    In answer to your further question, you can utilize PayPal Express to handle all of this which doesn't require SSL. Users would be sent to PayPal to complete the transaction, and where they can pay by credit card.

    I'll have to check with some of the other guys over here regarding your further questions on PayPap Pro usage as that's relatively new and I haven't had a chance to really dig into that as yet.

    However, through a sandbox setup, you can actually get an idea for the differences as well.


  • Strategerizer
    • Site Builder, Child of Zeus

    DavidM, thanks for the feedback.

    PayPal Website Payments Pro - indeed using the sandbox I can emulate that pretty well to understand the functionality difference. Will probably upgrade to that workflow after my migration to a new server (cloud hosting with Amazon AWS EC2) so I do the SSL just one time. Will also have to address other requirements then, like PCI compliance.

    PayPal Express - my test of that does not seem to allow end-user to pay with credit card, only with PayPal account. Are you sure they can pay with credit card using PayPal Express setup? My account is PayPal Website Payments Standard. I have been able to test this only using the sandbox though. My actual account fails to produce a transaction though I suspect that is because the subscription add-on has not been added yet to my real account.


  • Strategerizer
    • Site Builder, Child of Zeus

    @masonjames, I so hope you are right, but... check out this other thread:

    It seems to me that to use Pro Sites to do the billing, I need to have the PayPal enhanced subscription feature. That is a $19.95/mo. add-on to the otherwise free Website Payments Standard plan. The add-on enables Pro Sites to do the recurring billing. PayPal Express Setup, which I already have, does allow credit card payment. HOWEVER, it seems that for subscriptions only direct PayPal payment is allowed.

    Can you verify if that is indeed so?

    My understanding is that subscriptions allow credit card payment only within a Website Payments Pro account.

    If so, it means that the single way I can get Pro Sites to work AND allow customers to pay with a credit card is to have PayPal Website Payments Pro ($30/mo.) + Enhanced Subscription ($30/mo.) + SSL ($$/yr.) + PCI compliance.

    SSL and PCI compliance are required for Website Payment Pro.

  • Mason
    • DEV MAN’s Sidekick

    Ahh, apologies Strategerizer. I was plowing through several theads and thought this was in reference to MaketPress which is simple one-time payments vs. subscriptions.

    I'm not totally clear on subscriptions myself so will have to defer this to the developer. He'll be able to set us straight on this.


  • Aaron
    • CTO

    Express checkout subscriptions are free, but they do require a PayPal account on the users part. They can use their Cc though to make those payments. The paypal checkout screen makes it really simple for them, the only thing extra they have to add other than their CC is their email and a password to create the PayPal account during checkout.

    You mentioned paypals new enhanced subscription option which is $20 a month, but they havnt made that work with express checkout yet, only the basic buttons that pro sites no longer uses.

    If you choose to enable pro, then it's fully branded for you, they never leave your site, though you will have to continue to have PayPal as a pay,ent option according to their tos.

    As far as SSL, pro sites was designed to make that as painless as possible by putting the checkout form on the man site only. You only need a simple ssl cert for your main domain, not an expensive wildcard one. Also that prevents a domain mapping nightmare.

  • Strategerizer
    • Site Builder, Child of Zeus

    @Aaron, I can verify that indeed user can pay with CC and create a PayPal account... may be sufficient for me for now.

    I just need to verify one other thing that you mentioned. So I do not need the Enhanced Recurring Payments add-on, as long as I am stuck with PayPal Express and Website Payments Standard (no Pro)?

    It would be great if I can cancel it until I move to Pro... I would need it for the Pro, right?

    Thanks for your assistance demystifying the finer points of PayPal's commerce.

  • Ashish
    • Site Builder, Child of Zeus

    Does anyone know if anything changes using Paypal Chained Payments? I am taking a transaction fee and not charging monthly. Please let me know if anyone has experience with multi-site (having multiple stores) and checking out. Does the SSL change? Am I able to checkout with both Paypal and credit card?

    Thanks in advance!

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