How to set VPS for hosting

I decide to move on from resellers accounts to order VPS for my hosting solution which I provide to my client's building websites.
So I look for the tutorials on how to properly set the server for that purpose but there is no complete solution. They are all just marketing articles with no focus to resolve my problem.
My question is beyond install whm/cpanel and than whmcs.
After installed WHM and Cpanel, I found some settings on various sites about what to do but they are too until PHP 7.0 nothing new is there and everyone of this tutorials authors uses this for their super truper large website and not for hosting.
Should I set a reseller account for my server or use a root account?
Best practices about security?
Wordpress settings as there will be the majority of WordPress sites?
DNS settings (this is a mess of information out there) no one tells how to set for hosting server as I try but nothing works like is set right now. I would solve this by creating reseller account as I have experience with that but as now I am the owner of VPS I do not know if this is the right way.
Thank you for your help.
Best regards

  • Dimitris
    • Support Star

    Hello there David,

    hope you're doing good today and thanks for reaching us! :slight_smile:

    Main difference between a reseller package and a normal VPS is that a reseller is used in order to create separate server instances for your clients, while a VPS is a single server that hosts all websites.
    Can you share the tutorials you're looking for, so we can have a better picture of what you're trying to accomplish?
    Also our blog contains many articles around hosting, you may want to have a look there too:

    Security is also a big chapter, there's no easy answer on this, I'd rather advise to read the following articles though, our ultimate guide to security resources:

    About WordPress settings, there're no specific ones that you have to follow. All of these are specific to website's needs and WP should work despite what you select.

    As for DNS settings, main thing is just an A record, pointing to the IP address of your server. Then, in server setup, you should point the domain name to the appropriate path in server (where WP is).

    Hope that was some help! Please keep in mind that we're keen on having separate threads per member and per issue, so if you need further assistance for a specific issue, please do reach us here: ("Technical Support")
    to either start a live chat with us or create a new thread.

    Warm regards,

  • David
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    Hi Dimitris, thank you for your extensive response.
    WP security is my obsession and thank you for pointing me to those security resources link I already read many of them but it's nice to have them all together.
    My question is not so much about WP security this time but setting a VPS server for hosting and everything about that including security. I found a nice article about that HERE.
    In the meantime, I already find some new resources about that but would be nice to have an extensive article from an expert on how and what to do step by step.
    One question still stays open for me about best practice.
    Should I create a reseller account to manage clients accounts on my VPS or not?
    Thank you for your response and I will be contacting the support for more answers.
    Kind regards.

  • Adam Czajczyk
    • Support Gorilla

    Hi David

    One question still stays open for me about best practice.
    Should I create a reseller account to manage clients accounts on my VPS or not?

    I'd say "yes, use reseller account". I don't think there's any "established practice" but here's what I'm thinking:

    If you only got your own sites or just a couple of simple customers' sites, you could keep them all "under one roof" and that shouldn't be much of an issue. But if you already got more/bigger clients and are planning to expand in future - setting up and hosting more and more sites over time - using a reseller (where you are the reseller) type of account would let you "separate" client accounts/sites. This way "end users" would be "within" their own cPanels, their hosting parameters could be separately controlled and tweaked if necesary.

    Furthermore, if your clients' sites are under separate accounts (that you opened for them from your reseller account) there's much lower chance that if one of them gets "compromised" the entire server goes down.

    So, in my opinion that gives more "flexibility" and security to entire thing.

    Best regards,

  • David
    • Site Builder, Child of Zeus

    Thank you for your response and yes that was my thoughts also. As this is my first time to overcome currently used three separate hosting firms with reseller account to one VPS and eventually to my own server. I was wondering how to properly set this server to have in mind future growth as you pointed out.
    Thank you very much for for you advise.
    Kind regards

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