How to setup access rules on a parent, then have all child pages follow the parent permissions

currently i have 3 different types of users in my membership plugin. 1. public 2. users 3. admins

the users and admins log into my site and can gain access to non public data. my site structure follows to parent paths (1 for users & 1 for admins). Example: Users go to http://mydomain/users/. all of the user pages fall under users such as http://mydomain/users/page1. The same is true for admins accept their parent is http://mydomain/admins.

When I setup the membership plugin I set negative rules on pages for each access list group (admins, users, public). That was the only way I could do it a year ago. Now I have a lot of pages and it seems cumbersome to have to add pages each time I add a new page.

What I would like to know is can i set the access at the parent level and any pages under that parent would inherit or follow the rules of the parent? Ex – set the access so that anything under http://mydomain/users is only accessible by the users access list. same for admins and public.

Thank you for your time.