How to Setup Affiliate Activation?

I've purchased the Affiliates plugin as a standalone plugin to use for a simple referral program with my site.

How do I setup the page where Affiliates can activate their accounts? Do I need additional plugins? The setup instructions don't show any details like setting up the activation page or how to even change what commission % they receive. Please help.

  • Jack Kitterhing

    Hi there @authorityengine

    I hope you are well today.

    By default all the Affiliate functionality is in the admin side, where a user can go to their profile and choose if they want to be an affiliate or not, if they choose to, they get a welcome message and their own unique Affiliate URL, and they can see the dashboard of how many people they have referred.

    Though you can replicate the same functionality on the front-end of the site by using the following shortcodes

    Besides full access to the Affiliates Plugin features in the Admin Panel, you can use any of the following shortcodes within your posts or pages to provide front-end access as well.

    [affiliatelogincheck] – place this at the top of the page that you are planning on using the rest of the shortcodes on and it will display a login message if the user isn’t logged in.
    [affiliateuserdetails] – mirrors the affiliate details form from the admin area (yellow box)
    [affiliatestatstable] – mirrors the large click statistics table
    [affiliatevisitstable] – mirrors the referrers this month table
    [affiliatetopvisitstable] – mirrors the top referrers table
    [affiliatestatschart] – mirrors the main statistics charts
    [affiliatevisitschart] – mirrors the referrers charts
    [affiliatebanners] – displays the banners you add to your affiliate settings

    If the user isn’t logged in then none of the shortcodes will output anything (except for the top one).

    With regards to the commission % are you using this with any of our plugins? Or integrating it into another service? As by default there is not a set % as it's manual including the payments, if that makes sense?

    Thank you!

    Kind Regards

  • Jack Kitterhing

    Hi there @authorityengine

    I was under the impression that it worked as a standalone solution.

    It does indeed work as a standalone solution, sorry it might have been how I explained it :slight_smile:

    How it works is a user would sign up via the default WordPress registration form, they would then navigate to their profile click on affiliates, choose to become an affiliate and that is all automatically setup for them, then and there, nothing you need to do :slight_smile: The only thing you'd need to do is pay the affiliates out.

    I hope that makes, I'm here to help, please feel free to ask any further questions.

    Kind Regards

  • authorityengine

    Hey Jack,

    I think I got the signup process down.

    So I don't have any of your other plugins, I'm u simply using it paypal buttons and I only have 2 general product options.

    1. A simple purchase/buy now button that I want to give a commission of 10%
    2. I have multiple, recurring monthly options at different price points. I want to reward the affiliate with 30% of the initial (month 1) price. How do I get that set up and manage it going forward?

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