How to setup membership multisite

I am trying to find a quick writeup describing how to setup the following using WPMU and/or other components:
Client has a number of courses; wants to host them in Coursepress or another LMS. Users would register on the client site; get a subdomain with a clone of the Coursepress site/courses; and they can offer these courses to their users. (So in fact client is publisher; client offers Coursepress with courses as a SAAS product). Client wants to offer multiple membership levels, so that the courses available to client's clients depend on the membership level client's clients have bought.
I understand I can use the New Blog Template to setup a template site; what I am trying to figure out now is which membership system to use (Pro Sites; Membership Pro; WHMCS; Gravity Forms?) and how to connect the membership system with the subdomains so that the available courses in the subdomains depend on the membership level.
This may all be pretty straightforward once you know how it works, but I cannot find the definitive "how to glue all components together" info on WPMU or elsewhere.