How to setup ODBC to connect my comp to Wordpress Database

My Goal - Connect my Wordpress Database to my local computer so that I can run develop and run Crystal Reports to get information I need about my site.

What I already know - I already know how to set up an ODBC connection (start > control panel > admin tools > ODBC > System DNS > Add

What I don't know - How to make the connection to my wordpress database. I know wordpress runs on MySQL so I downloaded the MySQL ODBC 5.1 Driver and put in the information, but it didn't seem to work.

Can anyone provide some assistance?

  • Mason
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    yeah, I'm not familiar with OBDC at all. Are you hosting the database on your own computer or merely wanting to connect to the database?

    I'm moving this out of the 'support' forum as it's not specific to one of our products, but at the same time if any of the guys here have some info on this, I'll ask them to chime in.


  • buddy_boy8403
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    I know it's not a WPMU DEV issue - but I thought with the great minds that are on this forum that someone, somewhere on here, has done this before and could point me in the right direction. Maybe I'm not using the right ODNC driver?

    Mason, for this particular request, yes, the db is hosted on my computer so the hostname is localhost.wordpress. I appreciate any advice you or anyone else may be able to provide.

  • Jonathan
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    Yes, this forum has some pretty smart folks - I'm hoping they stop here because I'm with masonjames - I'm not familiar with OBDC at all :slight_frown:

    Have you got some links to ODBC reading materials?

    Nevermind, found some reading materials...

    This is over my head - but here is a link that deals with connection issue to wordpress database using
    Windows server 2003
    MySql 5.0
    MySql ODBC 3.51
    PHP 5

    It raises some valid points - perhaps you can check your setup against those points?

    Also some quick search I did says there is a lot of issues based on who your host is etc
    But to connect shouldn't be all that hard given the fact that you have the correct software, a valid connection between, and of course correct permission log-in credentials.

  • buddy_boy8403
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    Hey guys - I figured out how to do this. As an FYI, I'm going to be creating tons of canned reports for Wordpress and Buddypress. These will give site administrators the ability to pull down a ton of data from their wordpress database without having to actually go into the database and hunt around for the info.

    In the spirit of open source, if anyone wants to use some of them you can email me at support @ pacsprofessionalsllc . com

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