How to setup online membersship course with 2 WPMU plugin and other pro tips

I read an article here
on the possiblity to setup course membership site though not granted privileged to make comment (my email/ip was limited to comment, don't why!) so I have these question before I start.
What are the requirement (be realistic please)
1. Do I need an https or http server even if I don't want online payment?
2. How will multisite hold out for these two plugins (CourspressPro and Membership-2)?
3. How can I setup marketpress to take in my currenncy (e.g Naira) or can I use wooecommerce along with these two nifty plugins
4. What should be the server capacity for audience situated in West Africa only? Expecting between 100-1000/mo
5. What standard security needs should I look out for
6. Can I use WPMU video tutorial as a free/bait in drip feed course for WordPress tutorial?
7. Does membership-2 work well with Divi because I know it doesn't hold well with coursepresspro

Answering these question will make me plan towards establishing a unique membership course site for my target audience.

Thank you in anticipation


  • Jude

    Howdy Barni

    Nice running into you again. I will be realistic :slight_smile: Also will give you the best answer even if its something you don't want to hear.

    1) HTTPS ( SSL ) : Its good for many many reasons
    2) Should work well, although I personally don't recommend because this is resource heavy and its best to keep this project separate.

    3) You can use WooCommerce, also write a gateway for your payment processor ( may cost $$$ )

    4) For 100 m/mo - ~ 2-4 GB RAM, decent processor + bandwidth
    For 1000 m/mo - ~16-32 GB VPS with atleast 100 GB HDD and good bandwidth

    5) As secure as possible Server level + Wordpress hardened + Securtiy plugins

    PLUS depending on server config one more layer

    6) Yeah .. as long as your membership is valid. Why not ?? Cool idea .. why did'nt I think of it ??

    7) Should be ok, not tested myself. May need some tweaks to be smooth. NOT reccomended as it may break CoursePress.


  • Barni

    Hey @Jude, Sure you're good and how's your scobby? Thanks a million for this...jeez! Its cooly money intensive! I didn't ask what hosting will give a cost effective ssl with her package. Also, if I want to get paid online via my bank account meaning creating a new payment gate plugin to link to my bank api for online shop, how much would it cost (for WP). Must it be VPS? Kinda expensive though...

    However, I should prepare a business plan for most cost effective setup before venturing into it. Thanks a lot for the head up.

    Besides, how much would a WP dev cost to setup this membership course site with the payment gateway?

    With Regards

  • Jude

    Howdy @Barni

    My doggie is fine.

    1) Dont buy them together. Get a good host / VPS. Get a good SSL from here

    2) Depending on the gateway and the plugin it can be 6 - 10 hours of work. So based on the per hour rate of the developer you can do the math.

    3) It does not HAVE to be VPS .. but once you start getting even 200 - 250 serious students you can see the difference in the two.

    4) A dev with experience using WPMUDEV products can do this in less than 2 hours for you.


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