How to setup pro-sites levels???

I am gathering from my initial setup that you really need to plan out your levels ahead of time?

If you set them up -- can you then change them and does it change the underlying settings?

Since you can't specify the level numbers? If I might at some point in the future want to add a level in between -- should I create a couple false levels in between each planned one I have now??? so I can add later -- or is there a re-adjust routine?

I already have 200 sites -- is there a way to set their levels in bulk?????

Any hints in setting it up the most effective, flexible way?

  • Jack Kitterhing

    Hi there @mindset

    I hope you are well today and thanks for your question.

    It's advisable to setup your Pro Sites levels as you want them from the start, more can be added later though, but they can't be re-arranged.

    So it will always be a level up from the previous level if that makes sense?

    For your first level that will always be the cheapest one, so that will be either your free plan if you have one or the lowest priced paid plan.

    There's not currently a way to set levels in bulk I'm afraid, though that would make a nice addition :slight_smile:

    So I'd recommend planning your first say two levels, then from there you can just keep adding as you go, but the level you add as I say is always a setup from the previous level.

    Thank you!

    Kind Regards

  • Scott

    So if you already created Levels and have Users assigned to those levels; if you want to add a new lower or middle level, you're basically screwed?
    -- Example --
    Existing Levels:
    1. Pro $20 - Users: 17
    2. Advanced $35 - Users: 29

    I want to add a new Lowest Level "Basic" so it becomes:
    1. Basic $Free
    2. Pro $20 - Users: 17
    3. Advanced $35 - Users: 29

    How do I add 'Basic' to the hierarchy? According to documentation, I should simply rename/re-price each level. Great; but... if i do that, will all of the Current Level Users be downgraded? Would I then have to enter into the database or site manager and Manually Change each users' Level to correspond with the hierarchy changes?

    I know pre-planning is best practice, but there will be adjustments made along the way.

    Please advise.

  • Jack Kitterhing

    Hi there @Scott

    Hope you're well today, currently you'd need to edit the name/price and then edit each users level within the database who already has a account.

    But shortly (within the next 4 weeks), we'll be releasing a update, with multiple new features including drag and drop re-ordering of levels, which will make a update like this a breeze. :slight_smile:


    Kind Regards

  • terry

    I am setting up pro sites and wanting to understand the schema setup of plans before I have users - I have used this plugin previously in my web explorations - but didn't set it up for selling - and was a bit confused - I want to be sure my understanding is correct before selling -

    My understanding, from above conversation, in setting up pro plans is this:

    1) 1st level should NOT be PRO - NOT the best plan - the worst or least plugin /theme choices should be in the first plan you set up - - (NOTE: (if this is true - the plugin would be far more intuitive if the first plan listed at install was FREE - or like mine - almost free -even FREE PRO - a EAF (I think I just created a new acronym - easy ass fix : ))

    2) 2nd level -better than free - this will add plugin and themes already assigned to the services of almost free + the new ones for the new increased price

    3) 3rd level will add to the better than almost free - and have all the plugins from above - then the new plugin/themes added to the previous levels -
    Are my assumptions correct ????

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