How to setup "subscribe by email" plugging for a wp multisite


I'm the administrator of a wp multisite with 36 different subsites (based on folders): http:

It's a school based blogs site and I'd like parents to receive every single post the teacher write just by subscribing to the classroom (the blog) where their children are by using your plugging

I'd like a "subscribe by email" widget located on the right sidebar in every single site (before I buy your plugging I read it was a multisite ready product)

I'd like to know the way to customize the plugging to my convenience in just one single place instead of setting up up to 36 different sites end once the work is done, placing the widget in every site. I guess that's possible, isn't that?

Please I need your support,

Thanks in advance,
C. Llerandi

  • Elliott Bristow

    Hi Carols,

    I'm not sure that this plugin can quite do what you're looking for.

    The plugin IS multisite compatible, by virtue of the fact that you can activate it on individual blogs and create a separate list of subscribers for EACH subsite. The plugin doesn't have the option to create one great big subscriber list linked only to the parent site.

    Having said that, it MIGHT be possible to make a custom tweak to the plugin that might allow you to do this.

    I'll tag the developer to see if he can suggest anything you might be able to do to force all subscriptions to be linked to the parent blog.



    Thanks for your quick answer,

    I don't want a great big subscriber list linked only to the parent site. Every blog need to have its own subscribers (because every sub site generate its own news)

    I just want to be able to setup the plugging preferences and options for just one time and then add the widget to all my sub sites, even if I have to drag and drop the widget to every single site.

    Thanks again for your attention,
    C. Llerandi

  • Ignacio

    Hi @CARLOS.

    The plugin does not work in that way. There's a settings panel for each blog.

    What you're asking for could be made using New Blog Templates:

    So you create a default template with a site that has Subscribe By Email installed and the widget on the sidebar and then select plugins and settings for that template. Every new site created on your site will have the widget and the same settings for the plugin.