How to setup the dashboard widget order for multisite

I am trying to setup the widgets order for a wp multisite network so that all the blogs have the same widget order.

I am trying to have the following configuration:

The first widget should be the welcome to wordpress one that i've edited and changes files permission to 444.

Than on the left i would like to have the right now widget ( the one that shows account, website and storage info)

Under i want the analytics widget that comes with your analytics plugin.

On the right i would like to have the following:

At glance ( the one that shows number of comments and pages)for this widget i am wondering how can i change the Wordpress 3.9 running template text.

Than the activity widget the one that shows your latest activity.

How should i order them so that i have the configuration i stated above. Thank you in advance. If you dont have time to do the testing just tell me what the varibles mean:

we have for example

This is the actual widget order form the widget order php file
$dashboard_widgets_order['normal']['core'][] = 'dashboard_right_now';
$dashboard_widgets_order['normal']['core'][] = 'dashboard_activity';
$dashboard_widgets_order['normal']['default'][] = 'dashboard_incoming_links';

$dashboard_widgets_order['side']['core'][] = 'dashboard_quick_press';
$dashboard_widgets_order['side']['default'][] = 'dashboard_primary';

$dashboard_widgets_order['column3']['high'][] = 'dashboard_secondary';

$dashboard_widgets_order['column4']['high'][] = 'dashboard_plugins';
Thanks in advance.

FRI JUL 25 2014, 4:32:05 PM(reposted since i dint received an answer)

  • Jack Kitterhing
    • Code Norris

    Hi there @Madalin,

    Hope you're well today and thanks for your question! :slight_smile:

    Can you clarify please if you'd like to keep the other standard dashboard widgets, or if you just want the widgets you mentioned?

    If you don't, you can change it to

    $dashboard_widgets_order['side']['default'][] = 'dashboard_primary';
    $dashboard_widgets_order['normal']['core'][] = 'dashboard_activity';
    $dashboard_widgets_order['side']['core'][] = 'dashboard_right_now';
    $dashboard_widgets_order['column3']['high'][] = 'google_analytics';

    Any issues, we're here to help. :slight_smile:


    Kind Regards

  • Madalin
    • Flash Drive

    I just want the widgets i mentione.

    Left right now.

    Right Activity, at glance, analytics.

    This way both columns have almost the same content lenght.

    With your setup i have on the left activity than under it right now widget. And on the right at glance and the g analytics widget.

    I need to move the activity widget from left to right.

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