How to show a calandar view for the Provider with booking details

Something I've seen on most other appointment booking plug-ins is a calendar view (either front or back end) which shows the appointments for the coming week for a particular Provider, with basic details of the booking (name, service, tel & email).

At the moment, is seems the only way for a Provider to see their weekly schedule is to look at the textual version in the admin section, or view the front-end calendar which only shows a booking, not who made it or any other info.

Is is possible to display a calendar which will actually help the Provider with the basic info they need?

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    Hello there @keithapearson, I hope you're well today!
    I'm afraid that out of the box the most efficient way to get a detailed weekly schedule is to look at the textual version of it.
    However I have notified the plugin developer about this issue and marked it as a feature request. Hopefully he'll be able to find a way to do something like this!


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    I understand your requirement is being considered as an enhancement in a future release.

    To achieve this with the current version 1.2.8 you would have to setup a google calendar (GCAL) as per the instructions in the A+ 'Google Calendar' settings tab.
    We currently use this method for one of our clients and it works really well

    However each service provider can view in a table format their appointments by either:

    logging in using their wordpress profile user name.
    They would then select 'Profile' in the left hand menu and scroll down and they can view their appointments but only in table format.

    There is another way for each service provider to view the same which is to use the shortcode: [app_my_appointments].

    Instructions for this can be found in the A+ 'ShortCode' tab.

    You would have to create a new Wordpress page for each service provider and ensure the Wordpress settings were such that only the specific service provider could view the page.

    Hope this helps

  • Vladislav
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    The latest plugin release (v1.3, just released) comes with a new "[app_worker_montly_calendar]" shortcode, which will render a monthly calendar for a provider, with his appointments listed. The shortcode comes with a number of attributes, which will allow you to select a particular provider, and/or narrow down the displayed appointments to ones with a particular status or within a timeframe. They are listed on the new "Shortcodes" help page and in the contextual help dropdown in your posts and page editor pages.

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