how to show my members profile when traffic is coming through his aff link

I have an MLM team recruiting website, now I'm using plugins :
-paid membership pro
-buddypress --> this is for lead generation system and prospects management
-instabuilder (for graphics)

This is the flow of my website:
-I promote my website with my unique aff link, they need to fill an optin form like from autoresponder (email, name, phone) and it goes to the wpleadspress plugin
-they will be redirected to the sales page, then in the next page the join page with 2 join links 1. the official MLM (company website with my aff link) and 2. my website account

now we're talking about the 2nd link, my website account

-when they register an account in my website, they will be redirected I believe to a register page from buddypress. Right now i just have the follow fields they need to fill:
username, email, password, name, city, phone number;
finally they click "submit" and they need to activate their account by clicking a link sent to their emaail inbox
-after activating they need to login and get a membership account that's free (on my end, I manually review the membership, and change the status manually after checking if this man has signed up under me in my team or not)
-after that, he will be set as a "full member" in the membership manually by me, and he has the full access here

NOw this visitor (let's call him Bob) has turned to be my member and downline. The case is this, now I only can provide this new team member a sales funnel where he can get prospects database through wpleadspress system.
Bob (this new team member) can only send his traffic to a squeeze page, then the traffic will go through the sales funnel, this will happen over and over again.

What I want to add in my website is , I want to add a specific profile and bio of Bob, so when visitors are coming and clicking Bob's affiliate link (with wpleadspress system aff link), his visitors will see that Bob is the guy who's referring them, and Bob needs to let the visitors know his profile

-how can I make Bob to write his profile? Is that in the registration page (from buddypress)?
-how to display & show Bob's profile in the widget when a visitor is coming from Bob's aff link?

I wrote this like 10-15 mins, lol... please help me around this ...