How to show posts from custom posts type from one website on another website in the same network?

Hi there. I have 2 websites in the same network (WPMU). Custom post type 'Accommodation' is added on network level. But only website number 1 have posts under this CPT. Now I want to show on website number 2 latest posts 'accommodation' from website 1. When I use widget 'recent CPT', posts are shown only on the same website. So post will eb shown only on website 1 in this example. If I put the same widget on website 2, i can see CPT 'accommodation' in drop down menu of the 'recent CPT widget', but posts are not shown. Do i need to add any code to this widget to pick CPT posts from any website in the network? Or maybe there widget that can do this better?
I hope above is clear enough, if not please ask me for more details. Thank you.