How to solve this site optimization issue

How can I solve this site optimization issue on these sites;
1. ======68% just need to improve it to over 70% and I've used SmartCrawler, wp-robots.txt plugins but hasn't use xml sitemap yet

2. ==shot: Need to improve the Text and Networking to 70% if possible

3. ==shot: :
Need to clear the errors on reduce to 1/2 if possible

This is how clear I can be on this site optimization issue I've battled in the past 56hrs. Actually Jude has helped to tweak the SmartCrawler and Bojan...kudos. But need to increase this optimization number.

With Regards

  • Kasia Swiderska

    Hello Barni,

    I have to admit I never used this tools before and from what I see in some points there they mutually exclusive.
    On you have too many h2 headers, but on its OK.
    But you have 15 h5 headers - both test are saying its too much. Maybe you can make some of themes h6 header?

    Looking further it looks like you need a copywriter for this site - you have keywords that are not used once in the site content. Also there is low text to code ratio - you need more content.

    Using site map will give you some more points - both services are showing this as a major error.

    Social media - on both test it is showing that this site needs facebook and twitter links - so maybe you need to have a fan page on FB, Twitter account and widgets for both in the footer.

    The page title is very weak "Home" - no key words - even if you name this page with the same text like in the logo it will be better.

    As for validator, there is only one warning that you don't need to use language="javascript" attribute in scripts. If you don't use the newsletter in the footer you should probably just remove this script, so this will remove that warning.

    Kind regards,

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