How to split a page so that it looks like a post page

Hi everyone!

I need some help making a page look like a blog since i want to make a divider between two different titles on my page. i guess this is a css question? i tried some plugins out but i have not found what i am looking for yet!

Andreas Graning

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    How comfortable are you with modifying templates?

    The easiest way to do this is to download a free copy of Advanced Custom Fields. You will want to add a new WYSIWYG area, which you can then put inside of an additional DIV containing your new content.

    You will effectively get two content areas on the page when you edit it.

    If this is way over your head, it shouldn't be more than an hour of a professional's time (more likely to be 30min but most of us bill the first project hour flat). I'd do it for aprox $65USD but you'll probably find someone cheaper on WPMU's job board.

  • Andreas
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    Thanks for a great answer!

    I am mostly doing things cut-n-paste and google style som i guess i might end up hiring for this! :slight_smile:

    Anyway i will try to find an solution for it myself to learn how to, since i really want to learn more.

    But thanks, and ill pm you if i won't find any other solution!

    Andreas Graning

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    Trying to find a solution to split off a second dynamic content section on a page, while editing only the CSS, seems unlikely. As these things go, doing it through ACF is a fairly minor operation.

    I guess the question is what you mean by "two different titles" - although either way you're going to need to create:

    [a] A new title field
    [b] Possibly a new content field
    [c] The PHP to render it

    You may be able to recycle the current CSS on the second field, I wouldn't know without examining the code. So, somewhat ironically, the CSS is the one part you might not have to do much with.

  • Andreas
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    Well its just that i got a page with a brief information and a picture and then i want to separate it from the next part of my page since i think that will look nice to divide it with some space between until next area of information since i run a full picture background.

    Ill keep on trying!

    Thanks again!

    Andreas Graning

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    Hey Andreas,

    Actually, had meant to post that to a different thread. How confusing! That answer had nothing to do with your question.

    In your case, go ahead and open page.php.

    Paste the code here

    Then link me to a page that you want to split and be very specific about [a] where you want it split and [b] whether you want it done every time.

    If it's possible to do this without too much technical work, I'll try to help.

  • Andreas
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    Imperative Ideas : its a child theme from genesis so the page.php is more or less empty and only says that there is nothing there :slight_smile:

    //* This file handles pages, but only exists for the sake of child theme forward compatibility.

    i only got front-page.php , functions.php, page_landing.php in the child theme dir.

    my idea for this is to separate the "menu" part of my pages to an own block.

    So that the menu part in the texts get its own part since its centered and not left aligned i think it will look better if it got its own part of the page. This also need to be changeable so i guess its a little bit more advance.

    I did find a tread about doing a divider that makes a line true the page when doing [divider] in text and thats kind of the function that i should need but i want the line to take away the background beneath it and show the background picture.. but i guess its undoable?

    Cheers !
    Andreas Graning

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    There are actually several things you could do, that I would like to go into in more detail when it's not 2:35am in California.

    Your menu should be a custom post type with taxonomies for ingredients, meal type, and course type. That way you have a lot of room to expand each food item in the future. In the meantime though, you would have:

    Post Name: Bohuslän, Grebbestad
    Meal Hour: Dinner
    Meal Type: Entree

    so that when you go to generate a dinner menu, you just pull a taxonomy loop of:

    Section 1: Dinner, Appetizer
    Section 2: Dinner, Entree
    Section 3: Dinner, Sides
    Section 4: Dinner, Desert

    We then add an active/inactive flag to each item.

    Now, if you want to change your menu, you simply add a new item as a custom post, flag it to active, and boom, it's on your menu.

    It's actually not all that much work. Styling is always what takes the most time. Setting up the basic logic for a menu? Pretty quick.

    In terms of making the menu its own section, now you can even use tabs to separate things and pull the loops wherever you like. If you feel like getting even wilder, you can make each menu item clickable, with a drop-in modal that could include photos, testimonials, and wine pairings.

    Restaurants are actually some of the most fun projects on the web, if you can get them to pay for a few extra hours of development!

  • Ash
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    Hi @Imperative Ideas

    Sorry if there is any misunderstanding. I didn't want to close this thread until the issue is fixed. I just had a day off and when I am back I saw some conversation between you two. So, I just wanted to be sure if the issue is solved or not.

    We always appreciate your contribution in the forum (specially you, as I realized you are very experienced in WP platform), so no offense from my side to keep the thread open :slight_smile:

    Hope I made it clear, if you still have any confusion please let me know :slight_smile:


  • Andreas
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    Hell Ashok and mr Imperative Ideas!

    You can close the tread, since if we decide to go this way i will contact Imperative Ideas to help me out doing it. Hopefully i can talk the guys to spare som dollars for his services.

    Anyway - thanks a lot for helping me out.

    Andreas Graning

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