How to split services among a single service provider

Hello Support Team,

While using appointments+, I am trying to implement a service offer where each workers could offer one type of service in the morning and another type in the evening.
As an example, think about a waiter who would could offer breakfast service in the morning and dinner service in the evening.

How could I implement this so that customers can only book for the breakfast service in the morning and for the dinner service in the morning?
I would prefer to keep only one user profile for the waiter.

Thank you for your support.

PS: if my question is not clear, please do not hesitate to indicate it to me!

  • Mason


    How could I implement this so that customers can only book for the breakfast service in the morning and for the dinner service in the morning?

    So you'd like to only offer certain appointments at certain times of the day? The developer's provided some custom code for blocking the current date. It's possible this could be modified to a smaller time period than a full day.

    It's also possible that if you're looking for more of an 'RSVP' service than individual appointments that our upcoming Bookings+ plugin would be more appropriate. It's currently in active development and we hope to have a release in the not-too-distant future.

    Hope this helps. Let us know if you need anything further!

  • 2rouesa2

    Hi Timothy,

    Thank you for coming back to me on this actually. Actually I haven't found a solution so far. To illustrate what I am trying to do, let's consider a case where I have a restaurant. It is open both for lunch and dinner but menus are different.
    What I would like to do is to create a first time filter (= lunch or dinner) and then reach service (=menus available) so that listed menus are consistent with the time for the reservation. This filtering is important for me as I don't want customers to book dinner menus when they come for lunch.
    I've looked at the different options available in the interface but I can't find a way to add this "time filter".

    If you or the community has any idea how to implement this, please do not hesitate to share your thoughts with me.


  • Timothy Bowers

    Hey again.

    hmmm, I see this isn't really a reservation plugin for restaurants and we do have something in the works but no ETAs at the moment.

    What if there were two service providers, Lunch and Dinner.

    The services would be rooms, so if it's a restaurant with one room you have one service to match. If you had 4 sections maybe Window, Lounge, etc, etc, you could add more services.

    This way you can scheduled the working times for those menus. Whats more is that service providers have their own bio page, this could be the menu page.

    Hope I'm making sense?

    Perhaps this this would be a viable work around for you?

    Take care.

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