How to Stop Floating Front End Admin Menu Bar

Normally when you're signed into WordPress and you navigate to a site that is also hosted by WordPress, your 'admin menu' will float at the top of that webpage. Basically this tells you that this website say, is hosted by and run on WordPress. I feel that this is rather indiscreet and can impact a business' brand, especially if they are running on their own domain and not say,

I am setting up a pay to blog network with Pro Sites and I don't want clients to experience that 'floating admin bar' if they happen to navigate to another user on my network. Would the bar show up in this instance and if so can I stop it?

Thanks in advance.

  • Michelle Shull

    Hi there, Lamysha!

    First up, let's make sure we're on the same WordPress page, so to speak. Sites that are hosted on WordPress are usually part of Self-hosted sites (where you install WordPress on your own hosting plan) use the WordPress product from This is a bit confusing, so don't feel bad at all if that doesn't immediately make sense.

    If you're speaking of, there's not much we can do, nor can individual users. The admin bar on .com is there to stay.

    On a self-hosted WordPress install, however, you have lots of options for changing the branding throughout your site. Our Ultimate Branding plugin can help cover most of it, including setting conditions for when the admin bar appears or doesn't.

    There are also a handful of free plugins on the plugin repository which will let you choose who can see the admin bar or not.

    Hope this helps!

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