How to stop spam with Q and A plugin

Hi there!

I bought and installed the Q&A plugin.
It works allright and it's a nice idea, but spammers are making it impossible to manage in my website.

I have to invest too much time "deleting" 99% of the questions (garbage, numbers, links and xxx words).

For example, Intense debate makes a great filtering of the "normal" comments. Is there a way to stop spammers in Q&A?

I mean common filters like words, IP detection, urls in questions, etc.

Otherwise I will have to uninstall the plugin and forget the idea of questions for the site... :slight_frown:

[I marked the option to review before publishing, but it's unusable at this spam rate... ]

Thanks for the help!

  • del_pasillo
    • WPMU DEV Initiate

    Hi, Patrick, I didn't read that in the usage... my bad! (User error, clearly).
    I will install and hopefully all will work as charm!

    Will back if I still have problems, but for now I think I'll be ok.

    Thank you a lot for the überfast answer :slight_smile:

  • del_pasillo
    • WPMU DEV Initiate

    Hi, again.

    Well... tried the plugin. Installed askimets, project honeypot and botscouts api in the mix, and it didn't work for the problem I'm having...

    I'm still having lots of pending questions like "nVjkPiXAGq" or "oQPBQhsgnBlrqVD" … that are not "assigned to a user", as the registering user process is not completed. :S

    Can't Q&A easily integrate a captcha to be filled before sending the question? (Q&A uses it for other purposes in the plugin but not in the questions). That would most certainly stop this kind of annoying, pending questions (the bot don't even try to register users).

    I have several points that are not helping me to block the spam questions I'm having:

    - Questions are not registering IPs from which they were posted, so I cannot block spammers IPs
    - In the "Questions" submenu, I cannot mark questions as "spam" so that next spams with same characteristics are blocked.
    - Other thing: The spam messages seem unique to Q&A, as there are no similar spam messages in the pending queue in the usual "comments" from WP.

    Well… that's it. Still beaten by the amount of spam messages I'm getting, but still hoping that it can be resolved.

    Thanks for the help!

  • del_pasillo
    • WPMU DEV Initiate

    Hi, there!

    Sorry to come back :disappointed:

    Spam continues to thrive, now I solved another problem.

    There are the "pending" questions, automatically generated by some bot (attaching image). Cannot stop it with both of the recommended plugins.

    Is there a way to add a captcha to the question form? That should do the trick, as IP blocking is not working.

    I see that in the plugin folder is already a securimage folder, with captcha script.
    Isn't a way to try that for the question form?

    Other ideas?


  • Ian
    • The Incredible Code Injector

    Adding my 2 cents worth @del_pasillo.

    I recommend using Stop Spammer Registrations Plugin as well.

    Stopped spam dead, but first had to set up right as it wasn't stopping spam from the bots because they were using my IP which was white listed.

    My server is behind a proxy server that is reporting the IP address of the proxy server and not the actual ip address of the person coming into the web server. Most proxy servers can report the right IP address, but many need to be configured to do this.

    I emailed the plugin developer, Keith Graham and he was very helpful with his replies and advice.

    He said I have to uncheck the box that was automatically adding my IP to the white list, clear the white list again and save and then clear the cache on the history page.

    Once that was done, worked straight away :slight_smile:

    Stop Spammer Registrations has prevented 23882 spammers from registering or leaving comments since been installed.

    All the best, Ian

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