How to structure a Past memories multisite page

I have a facebook group (5 years old) that has lots of photos and comments that I want to keep and keep off of Facebook. I don’t trust them with my memories. My facebook group is South Austin Memories. I own and it is a wordpress site that hasn’t been updated in two years. I have a vision for what I want and know I can do it with the themes and plugins here at wpmu. But after going through all the variations and possible ways to construct my site, I am a little overwhelmed.

Here’s my vision. My main goal is to document the history of old South Austin..

1. Move and protect the photos and comments that are historically important.

2. Move files that have be specifically saved, all in a word format.

3. Make the site social like facebook.

4. Offer blog sites to some of the historians on the facebook group that could add more history.

5. Provide a site just for the different high schools in South Austin, maybe for the Jr. High and elementary too. With the high schools, provide sites for each graduating class. Each class would have a community/forum page to help with reunions and other gathering. Also for ways to reconnect. Similar to Each class would have to create their own content. Other organizations could have their own sites too. Main thing is to import thousands of pictures and their comments. Stucture comments would be greatly appreciated. This is a big project for me. Most all cities have facebook rememeber when groups, so it could be duplicated many times over. New suggestions or additions are welcome too.

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    Hi there @tuckspop

    Welcome to WPMU DEV, glad to have you aboard!

    To help get you started, this article looks like it wold help you get your Facebook content out of Facebook and into your own WordPress home where it belongs. :slight_smile:

    As for everything else, most of what you have described can be achieved with a basic WordPress multisite install, using BuddyPress on one site for all your community stuff. The Groups component could be the means to give each school class their own space on that community site.

    You can also use bbPress on every site in the network to give each one their own full-featured forum.

    So your basic steps are:

    – Set up a multisite network:

    – Install & network-activate bbPress so each site can have its own forum.

    – Install BuddyPress and network-activate it, but define one of your sites to be the community site by adding the following to your wp-config.php (where the number is the ID of the site to use):

    define ('BP_ROOT_BLOG', 4);

    Now you have a WordPress network consisting of a main hub site, a site for all your community interaction (the BP site you just defined), plus as many sites as you want or need with a full-featured forum on each one.

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