2 questions about FB connect button

Hey everyone,

I've got two issue with the [wdfb_connect] shortcode.


I was just wondering how I could style the default button that appears with that shortcode.

For instance I'd like to have a nice big button and I just can't change the default parameters :
- font-size : 11px
- line-height : 14px
- padding : 2px 6px

I took a look with firebug to find which class I could style. It seems that the values I've just mentionned come from the "._4z_d", "._4z_f" and ".fwb" class.

But there is no way to change anything in my custom css file.

Do you know how to do that ?
Or is there any other button I could use ?

2) "log out"

Once I'm logged, my avatar is displayed as well as a "log out" text.
But "log out" is not translated in the current language (french here).
How can I do that ?

BTW if there is a way to prevent the avatar from displaying I'm interested (there is no class I could target with a display:none property).