How to style mp_product_content

On the store/products page, the descriptions of each product are non-formatted, and I can't seem to find mp_product_content anywhere to style it.(like it is on each single product page)
Also, on the single product page, the alt tag shows "View Larger Image" bit it doesn't bring up lightbox or larger image (And I do have "Show lightbox" checked.)


  • DavidM
    • DEV MAN’s Mascot

    Hi tblue,

    It took me a moment to see what you were referring to. It seems it has to do with the product list displaying the excerpt rather than the actual product content, and the excerpt doesn't include styling.

    MarketPress relies on your theme in that regard and you could take a look at your theme's archive.php and category.php to see where the_excerpt() is being used, perhaps replacing that with the_content().

    You could also setup custom templates for those MarketPress pages using the instructions detailed in:

    Regarding the lightbox, are these images set as the featured image for these products?


  • tblue
    • Design Lord, Child of Thor

    Thanks David.
    I decided to go the easiest route and just modify the text directly in the Excerpt box. Works fine for me. I will however, check with my theme developer on this for future reference.

    Re: lightbox issue: Yes, they are set as featured img.

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