How to style my site using Upfront?

Hey hey hey WPMUers :slight_smile:,

I am interested in using Upfront to create a simple blog theme for a client. Currently, I am working through some things but had a few questions:

1) Is it possible to move somethings around on the blog page? For instance right now on a blog page, the author's image and name shows above the featured image and I would prefer to remove the author's information and image and move the featured image to the top of the page. Sure it involves me editing a PHP file.

2) I really would love to style each category with a different color square, similar to this theme. CLICK HERE. How can I do that?

3) The client will be managing all of the blog entries for the website. Can he use the default WP editor to add title, blog content, and featured image rather than using the Upfront interface. Please say yes :slight_smile: