How to switch to edit Homepage in Upfront

Hey, so within Upfront you have the 'posts/pages/comments' option in the sidebar, to let you move from editing one page, to another. However, as the homepage seems to be magically created by the theme (is not an actual Page) - it is not listed in that list. So you can't switch back to the homepage from any other page or post. Which means you have to exit, then either return to Appearance>Customize or browse to Home and hit Upfront in the menu bar. Can be rather annoying.

Could there be a separate option to Edit Home in the sidebar? Or in the Pages/Posts/Comments lightbox as a hardcoded option or tab?

The same issue prevents you selecting Home as a page destination in the link UI, you are forced to use a URL.


  • Adam Czajczyk

    Hey Simon,

    I hope you're well today and thank you for this valuable suggestion!

    It's a well known truth that the most obvious ideas are the easiest to overlook :slight_smile: I do agree that this would make a great feature! Hopefully more members of our community will support this idea so our developers will include it in one of the future releases. I'm also reporting this to a developer as a feature request.

    Thank you again for pointing this out!

    Have a great day!

  • Jason

    Hi everyone,
    A few days ago, I noticed this as well and honestly was getting pretty annoyed that one could not easily go back to edit the homepage. I was just about to make a post and as a last ditch effort clicked on "upfront" at the top left of the editor sidebar. Yep, it was just that easy; it takes you right to the homepage for editing.

    There are a few things like this within the Upfront editor which are not really clearly explained. It also seems that even the staff and support do not always know how this thing works. :wink:

    I had a different issue and started a live chat, which had to be turned into a support post because the rep had no answer. In the end the solution was extremely simple and solved by merely using the framework as it was designed. The problem is that there is not a central repository of all of this information. And yes, I have read all of the Upfront basics blog posts. There is still a lot of information that isn't covered, for example THIS topic.

    You're welcome! :wink:

  • Milan

    Hello Jason,

    Yes you are right, there are some vital information which is not covered yet. But you know, our one team is working on manuals and documentations for Upfront 1.x. Hopefully they will soon finish their work stuff and we will enjoy updated docs. Till that time if you have any query of confusion related to latest Upfront, please do open new thread for that. We would love to help you. :slight_smile:


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