How to sync the price of the same product (same SKU) on a multi site?

On a multi site set up, each sub site has their own MarketPress store.

Some of the stores will sell some same products (for instace, identified by same SKU number), which will have same prices.

The super (network) admin can adjust the prices of these (same) products that published on different sub sites, once he changes the price of a certain product, each subsite will sync to this new price for this product instantly.

For instance, each subsite admin/owner is a member of a footer team, and each of them can sell tickets online for an upcoming event and make some profit to their own wallet. Very importantly, the ticket price is fixed, and nobody can sell it higher or cheaper than the standard price. So someone got to be able to set and change the price universally once needed, otherwise, it is not practical to change the price on each sub site individually.

How to do this with MarketPress? I know custom coding may be needed here. Just want someone who knows WPMU and MarketPress better to point us to the right direction.

Thanks :slight_smile:

  • Kimberly
    • Champion of Loops

    Hello winning,

    Your plan sounds great and I can understand your need for this functionality.

    My initial thought was to enable Global Shortcodes on all sites then YOU list the tickets in your own store on a separate site, giving you ultimate control of the price. However this wouldn’t allow your site members to to keep the extra they generate through their site (unless you couple this with affiliate?)

    You are right in that this will require some custom coding, I believe that this is a little more extensive then just pinging the developer for some advice. However I’ll see if he is available to offer some input.

    You can post in our jobs forum or post a project to hire a developer here by clicking the CUSTOM tab at the top of the page.

    Best of Luck in your project! Can’t wait to see what the fix is :slight_smile:



  • winning
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    Hey Kimberly,

    Thanks for your reply :slight_smile:

    Please allow me to explain a little bit more. The sale price for a certain event ticket is fixed (anybody should not raise or lower the price since this is the rule of the team/club), all sub site admins get the ticket at the same low discounted price, the difference between the fixed sale price and the discounted price is the profit of a subsite admin. In other words, each subsite admin makes the same profit/margin for each ticket sold. The more tickets a subsite admin sells, the more money he will make.

    Global shortcode may not work here, since the income needs to go to each subsite admin’s paypal account, respectively.

    It would be great that someone who knows MarketPress (in WPMU mode) to point us to the right direction :slight_smile:

  • winning
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    Hey Kimberly,

    The chained payment can not fit in here. It is not about affiliate payment or commission payment.

    It works like this:

    1. All sub sites run independently. Each sub site admin puts in their own paypal account and receives the full sale proceeds to their own paypal account directly. The main site (super admin) will not take any portion from the sales. In short, each site is completely separate marketpress store.

    2. In these independent stores, some of the products are the same identical things, such as event tickets for a certain game, or movie tickets for The Hunger Games. Each sub site admin is required to list the ticket at the same price – it is the rule of the club/team, and nobody can raise or lower the face price and sales price of the ticket. How do they make money if the sales price is the same? Like this: they all get the tickets at a much lower discounted price.

    3. One day, the club/team decided to change the price of the ticket, the super admin (main site admin) will have to notify and ask all the sub site admins to manually update the price of the ticket on their own marketpress store sub sites.

    ***OR***…… if we can sync the price of the ticket from somewhere, super admin can just change the price at one place, and the ticket price on all the subsites get changed/updated instantly. With this function, the sub site admins do not need to do anything – save time and minimize human-errors. The question is how to do this?

  • winning
    • The Incredible Code Injector

    We can also look at this from a slightly different angle.

    1. All sub sites operate indenpendently, each has their own marketpress store and collect their own sales proceeds, and pay NO sales commission to the main site.

    2. Main site (WPMU network) admin offers some standard products that sub site admin can add to their own store and sell it. The terms and condictions are: the sub site admin needs to sell each standard product item at the “official” retail price, not 1 cent lower or higher.

    3. Once the sub site admins selectively manually add any standard product to their own sub site store, the price of the standard product will automatically sync to the latest “official” retail price set by the super admin. Super admin can change the price anytime, and the price for that standard product get instant update on all the sub sites automatically. When sync-ing, a standard product is identified by a unique SKU # (that was entered in marketpress) or product name or something you suggest. Only certain products, the standard products with unique SKU, get updated.

    4. Besides that, sub site admin can still list their own products for sale, not just the “standard” products offered by the super admin.

    My question is how to achieve Item #3 above?

    I hope this is clearer now :slight_smile:

  • winning
    • The Incredible Code Injector


    Thanks for recommending this plugin. It looks promising. Does it have to sync the whole product table? or it can sync part of the product table? Say, only sync the prices of “standard” products, and leave along sub site’s “own” products?

    @wpmu DEV support/developers

    This plugin, YD Network Wide Options, says the following plugin may not work with it. Does Markepress plugin fall into the category that they describe bellow?

    Only some plugins that do not use either WordPress’ built-in options mechanism or some simple database tables to store their settings cannot be made network-wide with this plugin. However, the vast majority of state-of-the art third-party plugins use options and/or simple tables

  • Aaron
    • CTO

    I’m sorry but there really isn’t any efficient way to do this. It’s due to core way multisite is designed. Many people request similar things with syncing posts and the like with the Sam,e answer.

    If you had a very small multisite install, say 20 sites max then technically it’s achievable for a talented developer.

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