How to synchronize two sites for failover automatically

Hello my WP geniuses! I have a question that is not necessarily related to WPMU plugins, but I'll bet someone here has some good suggestions.

I self-host my own virtual servers, but also have a hosted account at DreamHost for "emergencies". I currently use a Dropbox backup solution to make sure that the entire site is backed up routinely. I have tried the "Snapshot" plugin here, but it seems to not work well with the Membership plugin, and until that is all sorted out, I need a full sql backup like the Dropbox backups to be safe.

So I have some decent "manual" means of restoring my most current backup to from my DigitalOcean hosted server to my DreamHost site in case of emergency, and dnsmadeeasy failover sends visitors to the new site automatically.

Is there a more automated way to do this? I.e., some kind of "site sync" that can keep the two databases synchronized, and also copy uploaded files back and forth?

And ideas greatly appreciated!