How to take off "Your Subscriptions" from subscription page.

When a user is logged in and they visit the subscription page that is a set of options to upgrade their membership under "Your Subscriptions".

I want to know how can I remove those options?

  • Ash

    This is the code of the file: I am using version 3.4.6 RC 2

    The code snippet should be like: (line 326 to 370)

    								/*if( $upgradedat <= strtotime('-' . $period . ' days') ) {
    									// Show upgrades
    									<legend class='upgradefrom-<?php echo $sub->id; ?>'><?php echo __('Upgrade from ','membership') . $sub->sub_name(); ?></legend>
    									$upgradesubs = $this->get_subscriptions();
    									$upgradesubs = apply_filters( 'membership_override_upgrade_subscriptions', $upgradesubs );
    									foreach((array) $upgradesubs as $key => $upgradesub) {
    											if($upgradesub->id == $rel->sub_id ) {
    												// Don't want to show our current subscription as we will display this above.
    											} else {
    												$subscription = new M_Subscription($upgradesub->id);
    													<div class=&quot;pricebox upgradebox upgradefrom-<?php echo $sub->id; ?>&quot; id='upgradebox-<?php echo $subscription->id; ?>'>
    														<div class=&quot;topbar&quot;><span class='title'><strong><?php _e('Move to : ','membership'); ?></strong><?php echo $subscription->sub_name(); ?></span></div>
    														<div class=&quot;pricedetails&quot;>
    															<?php echo $subscription->sub_description(); ?>
    														<div class=&quot;&quot;><span class='price' style='float:right; margin-right: 10px;'><?php
    																// do an upgrade button
    																$pricing = $subscription->get_pricingarray();
    																if($pricing) {
    																	if($currentlevel->level_price < 1) {
    																		// We are on a free level, so need to do an upgrade from free
    																		if($gatewayissingle != 'admin' && method_exists($gateway, 'display_upgrade_from_free_button')) {
    																			$gateway->display_upgrade_from_free_button( $subscription, $pricing, $member->ID, $rel->sub_id, $sub->id );
    																	} else {
    																		// We want a normal upgrade button
    																		if($gatewayissingle != 'admin' && method_exists($gateway, 'display_upgrade_button')) {
    																			$gateway->display_upgrade_button( $subscription, $pricing, $member->ID, $rel->sub_id );
    													</div> <!-- pricebox -->

    Please let me know if it is helpful and feel free to ask more question if you have.


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