How to tell from PayPal info what blog supporter paid for?

Hi Guys,

I have a supporter that upgraded through paypal. But either he upgraded the wrong URL or his url did not get upgraded.

My question is.
Can you tell from the information in your paypal account what blog id was attached to the payment?


  • Sue

    Hi Joe, how we do it is all the PayPal orders are sent to Edublogs support email and automatically archived. We do all initial searches in our email account and not PayPal as it is generally faster.

    We use Google Apps so then if we get some one asking about their subscription we'll search for their PayPal payment details using their email address they have used to contact us and if that doesn't work their full name. (And if none of that works you need to ask for the email address attached to their PayPal account).

    Once we have located their payment details then all you need to do is look at their Custom Number. The first section of numbers in their custom number before the hyphen is their blog ID. So for example a Custom Number: like this 411483_12_39.95_USD_19568 means their blog ID is 411483

    Then we just log into Edublogs go to Super Admin > Blogs and search for 411483 by clicking on Blog ID.

    If the blog is correct but hasn't been upgraded then we'll look at how many days ago they paid their subscription. If it is less than 4 days then they may have paid by echeque which can take up to 7 days. In this situation we'll log into PayPal to check if it has a pending attached to their payment.

    If they have upgraded the wrong blog and it is less than 30 days then we'll offer to refund and cancel the subscription so they can upgrade on the correct blog. We find this the best option because then they won't have issues with the automatic renewal on that blog.

    Hope this has helped.

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