How to tell if a plugin is compatible with network enabled feature.

I need a rule of thumb for deciding when a plugin can be Network enabled. For some plugins it’s just about what I want to accomplish. Most of the plugins here at WPMUdev fall into that category.

But for other plugins in the wild I sometimes want to Network enable them but I’m never really sure if I’ll every run into problems. For this reason I tend to do a regular activation as a part of the a New Blog Template.

What I’m after is a way to tell if the plugin is capable of behaving well when Network Enabled.

Any thoughts?

  • DavidM
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    Hi wecreateyou,

    It would be really nice if the repository included a Multisite compatibility field so it would be easy to tell, as it’s sort of a tough one to tell without that.

    That really is an excellent idea you mentioned, testing out plugins by using New Blog Templates. Even if the plugin’s options don’t carry over to other sites by default, New Blog Templates does provide a list of other database tables that a particular plugin might need ticked in order to work and with that, you’ll more easily know.

    Probably the best way to tell though, is to ask the developer if the plugin is capable of working with Multisite. You could also do a bulk search through the plugin code for the term ‘multisite’.

    I’ll mention this thread to the other guys in case they’ve got some thoughts on that too.



  • Philip John
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    Hmm…. I think it partly comes down to use of the database.

    I.e. some plugins use custom database tables and I think that’s where the rub can often be – whether they recognise multisite and create site-specific tables or one for the whole network.

    There are other things like admins vs super admins.


  • wecreateyou
    • The Crimson Coder

    That makes since, In which case I don’t think WordPress is gonna do anything about it based on the feedback I got. They pretty much think the developer should spell it out…

    The issue is that you can Network enable many plugins and the authors just don’t know it. It’s not about a set of must have rules… rather it’s a small list of “as long as you don’t do …” rules.

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