How to test the membership?

Got Membership Premium.
Have set up access levels and a subscription plan.
have activated levels and made public subscription and enabled the membership plugin. However site is still showing all content?

Would love some info on how to go about troubleshooting this.


  • aristath

    Hello @embod and welcome to the WPMU-DEV Community!

    You'll also have to create some access rules and configure them!
    There are some excellent videos on this post that you can use as a walkthrough, and also a manual that you can download for reference.

    I am marking this issue as resolved. If however the above doesn't help you out or you need any further assistance, don't hesitate to reopen this issue and post an update on your status!


  • embod


    Thanks for the links. I will peruse them when I get the time.

    I have already set up positive and negative rules - I don't believe they cancel each other out. Positives are the pages they get access to and the negatives are the menu items I don;t want them to see.

    Is that what you ment by
    "You'll also have to create some access rules and configure them!"

    I basically am a bit confused as to why I am still seeing all of my content when I think everything has been set up. Is there any kind of checklist for testing this so I might be able to just go through and make sure each area addressed? I've been through the manual a few times and it seems sometimes obvious things have been left out. Eg the subscription shortcodes where not in there for placing just buttons ect..

    Any quick and easy checklist type things floating around?

  • aristath

    @embod unfortunately no.. there's no checklist! I'll pass your request to the plugin developers so that in the future we may include something like that.

    basically am a bit confused as to why I am still seeing all of my content when I think everything has been set u

    Please note that if you're trying to test it as an admin, you probably won't see any content restrictions.
    You'll have to log out and create a new user that has the appropriate memberoship level!

    I hope that helps a bit...


  • embod

    I've done that and also tested it in a different browser. For admin I am in Firefox and for testing to see if protected I am in Chrome. If my understanding is correct all pages should not be accessible once I have activated the plugin, added all the pages to access levels and activated them, created a subscription and activated that?

    Sorry - its just I though this plugin was relatively simple - I've used Wishlist and office AutoPilot in the past extensively but am stumped as too what's going on with this plugin....

  • aecnu

    Greetings embod,

    Chiming in here to help see if we can make some headway here.

    I would first like to comment that Membership is one of the hardest plugins to configure because it is infinitely versatile and a brilliant piece of work therefore its complexity.

    Lets dig in ....

    Using positive and negative rules you can indeed protect content when combined with URL Groups otherwise you will want to use shortcodes.

    In specific regards to positive and negative rules, they of course often work the opposite of what one would think - you may want to try reversing some of them and see what happens :slight_smile:

    The shortcodes are especially useful when you have mixed content on the same page or for giving teaser content.

    So what I recommend if still struggling after this post is to remove all positive and negative rules and go forward enforcing rules one at a time and test that the particular rule works as anticipated and then next.

    URL groups are great putting content into a single category then blocking or regulating the content using URL rules.

    Mixed content use short codes.

    Please let me know if this clarifies things for you and helps your vision of how it should work.

    Cheers, Joe

  • embod

    Ok, so I have done another install on a different domain and have it all working nicely using the same method of protection (menus and pages) as I did for the site that is having issues.

    I think that something has gone wrong in the membership plugin as even when no access levels or sub activated bu the plugin is enables the whole site is still available. As a point to make sure the plugin is working it should when enabled protect the whole site yes?

    I think might have to remove all trace of the plugin from the cpanel and then try to reinstall it.. I noticed another time I reinstalled it when checking to see if that would work it kept all settings I'd added and still didn't work. what's the best process to make sure it is completely removed so can do a nice fresh install?

    Thanks for your help on this. :slight_smile:

  • embod

    Just tried it on another site as well that had it installed and not working and deleted it using the standard remove plugins method. I then reinstalled and it by default had the membership plugin enables when I reinstalled it... as that was the setting it was on when I removed it and is not working.

    For now I am just going to focus on getting the plugin to be enabled and all pages on site showing as protected upon enabling the plugin after install as a check. I think once I have that working the other part will fall into place.

    Any thoughts on how to get the plugin installing correctly again?

  • aristath

    @embod just a wild guess here...
    Did you by any chance use an auto-installer script such as scriptaculous or anything like that to install WordPress?
    I'm asking 'cause I've seen some really weird things when using such installers...

    If this is the case, please do a fresh installation of WordPress manually... it might save us a lot of trouble since the issues caused by auto-installer scripts are almost non-detectable and almost impossible to debug!


  • embod


    I use fantastico in my cpanel. Is that considered auto? ( I suppose it would be)

    So interesting turn of events. I uninstalled the old wp and did a complete fresh install using fantastico.

    I added the plugin and enabled it straight away to see if it would protect. Lo and behold it did!

    Next step I created my pages and menus.

    Then I added the access levels.
    I set one of them up fully with
    Positive rules - Pages - they pages I wanted available - only 2 of them.
    Neg rule - Menus - checked all I did not want to be seen.
    Activated that access level.

    Opened the site in another browser so not logged in. No luck... All pages were now visible when previously it was all protected as checked when I enabled.

    I created a use and gave them access to that level. Logged into that user on another browser. Was able to enter the profile page of that user automatically. when went to visit site got this error - Error 310 (net::ERR_TOO_MANY_REDIRECTS): There were too many redirects.
    page url was /protected

    This was a fresh install of wordpress.... I now am at loss of where to look...

    I also at suggestion earlier in thread added a url group that contained the url of the page they had access to and added that as a positive rule. Same issue as above continues.

    So I can deduct that the plugin with no settings is working but as soon as I create pages and levels something breaks.

    Any insight appreciated.

  • embod

    Ok - have also set this up on another fresh install. This time I added the membership plugin - enabled and checked it - yes was protecting.

    Created my pages and menus
    Still protecting fine *

    Created 7 access levels using the wizard (dripped content version) I have not yet added any rules to it as wanted to enable and check protection still working. Enabled plugin and once again the whole site is visible. Note there is no rules set up yet but as I feel the issue is something is going on with the plugin enabling once member levels have been created.

    I then went and made all the newly created levels inactive and enabled plugin again. It still did not show site as protected as it did upon the first test (see *)

    I have now just deleted all the levels I created and disabled then enabled the plugin and I still see that the whole site is visible not protected as was the case with *

    Am I correct in thinking that something is going wrong with the creation of access levels and how the plugin then functions? As this issue remains even once access levels have been deleted?

    I too am working on something for a client and was hoping to be using this plugin a lot more but am thinking that it's not going to be workable with this issue taking up so much time.

    Once again any input appreciated.

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