How to use the details of one page to begin a new message thread via link.


I have posted this requirement in a few different forms for other plugins but they all relate to the use of Messaging.

Many of the WPMUDEV plugins have email contact options when people enquire about a custom listing: for example: Directory, Classified and the new Jobs and Experts plugin.

I have enquired on each of these about how it would be possible to change the email contact and to use the Messaging plugin instead to create a new conversation between the two members involved. (The person who listed the directory listing, the classified item or the job respectively.)

In many use-cases the contact form requiring email sharing makes it unusable for privacy reasons.

So I want to find a method using messaging to allow members to communicate via an internal message thread instead of by email contact form.

The potential benefit to these three plugins would be huge compared to the effort to create.

The expected behaviour would involve a new message thread being created between the two members - and the new private message thread would show what it relates to by a simple link.

To make it work my expectation would be that only signed in members can contact via this method. For me this would be a big incentive for user to sign up to my sites.

So the solution I would need comes down to a way to use the details of one page - such as a job, directory listing or classified item - to begin a new message thread.

In most cases it would be:

Author Name > Person to send Message to
Page Title (including page URL) > Subject of Message
Post type (Job, Classified, Directory) > appended to the subject Title

Best wishes

  • Tyler Postle
    • CGO

    Hey Chris,

    I think this would be an awesome integration :slight_smile:

    I'm flagging this as a feature request so the developer is notified and can look over your suggestions here.

    Thanks for being so thorough with your explanation too!

    Hopefully some other users will chime in on this as well and add their support.

    Thanks again for bringing this up Chris.

    Let us know if any further suggestions/questions come to mind.

    All the best,

  • chris
    • The Crimson Coder

    Hi Tyler,

    Just on other thought...

    I have built contact forms using the "Contact Form 7 - Dynamic Text Extension" and CF7

    This uses a CF7_get_post_var key='title' to populate a field with the page title using the title of the page where the form is embedded.


    CF7_referrer is used in a similar way to import the page URL of the referring page into the contact form field before the user submits it.

    A similar solution could work with messaging.

    Many thanks for picking this up


  • S H Mohanjith
    • Developer

    I think a new messaging plugin would be the best option as current plugin uses wp-admin backend.

    You can message to a specific user by using following code in the Theme template files. $user is the user object of the user you wish to message to. Basically you need to set message_to to username of the user you wish to message.


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