how to transform marketpress in a real marketplace like etsy ?


I don't understand how to transform marketpress in real marketplace like etsy or a seller can sell its products via a button "sell" display in front-> from it created its store and its products are displayed with the products of other vendors! ? like a marketplace...


  • aecnu

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    Market press is transformed into an Etsy style site by virtue of setting it up in a MultiSite environment, network activated, and using shortcodes or the FrameMarket/Grid Market theme display products from the network of stores on the main sites front page.

    Monitization can be done using gateways and selling stores flat out managing this perhaps using the Pro Sites plugin ~or~ a different business model by using PayPal chained payments and taking a percentage of the sales from the other stores ~or~ possibly a combination of the two.

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  • hpidriver

    You will first have to configure your Wordpress as a multi-site network, see how here -

    If you want other users to be able to make their own store and list items, in Admin Dashboard under Network settings >Registration check the option to allow registered users to create new sites.

    I would recommend also installing plugins such as Limit Blogs per User, Multisite User Management, and you can also make cookie cutter store designs using New Blog Templates

    Then Network Activate the Marketpress plugin so that newly created sites can use it to list items for sale. You can use global shortcodes to display items from other user's store on your main store's homepage.

    You also can choose to enable the global checking cart under Marketpress options. Keep in mind if you use the global cart you cannot take commission via PayPal chained payments, and all your stores must use PayPal Express to process checkout.

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