How to translate from English to Chinese

Hello all.
I have a question about how to translate site/plugins into Chines (Traditional)
My goal is to have:
* backed in English
* and front facing pages/options in Chinese as default / English

I have looked at WPML plugin and it looks like it can manage page translations and .mo files for different plugins and themes.

I was wandering if somebody has any recommendations about how to approach this.
And are there any translation files for WPMU plugins in particular Events plus and Membership?


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    Greetings Denys,

    Welcome to WPMU Dev!

    I must admit that you are right on track and WPML by far appears to be the best solution to perform this translating task as you have described.

    The second best solution is perhaps the Polylang plugin, other then that I have no other suggestions that I can think of that could meet your needs.

    Thank you for being a WPMU Dev Community Member!

    Cheers, Joe

  • Mark Wallace
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    I have worked on a few Taiwan websites, and they use Traditional Chinese, also and another SE Asia website that uses know "Mandarin"

    The first choice you really need to make is this.
    Easy for you to build.
    Easy for you to support.

    If you use English install then you have to translate a lot of knickknacks to Chinese, and will also have more support time needs, with people who speak Chinese.

    If you do a Chinese install it is much harder to build, but what you learn there will help you support the site as well.
    I use a Chinese install and the Native Dashboard plugin, I also have a friend from Malaysia translate all my content into Mandarin for me!

    Regardless of what you choose, and thing Chinese just use Mandarin, because it is the most common language in the world Even though it hardly leave the Asia's!

    Most ASEN "Association of South East Asian Nation" "Asia's version of the UE" Speak their Native language, Mandarin, and "International English"

    The ASEAN + 3 which include China, South Korea, and Japan. China Learns 3 languages, Simplified Chinese, Mandarin, and "International English" South Korea and Japan have started to adopt this practice of Mandarin since becoming the + 3

    So go with Mandarin and "International English" and you will have an easier time!

    CHINA Pay attention to their laws closely! If they send you an email comply, and do not respond. All of their agencies are ran through their Government website, if you respond, and are from the USA, you will defiantly notice ALPHA BET boys keeping tabs on you for about 3 months, and your communication/transaction/people you have contact with will be monitored. "ALL OF THEM" That is one database you do not want to find yourself in. It will change your "business life forever"

    But be of good CHEER there is a lot of money to be made in Asia! :slight_smile:

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