How to turn a string from a CustomPress custom field into a clickable link?

I've created a 'resources' CPT in CustomPress. It has some custom fields, one is "Website". On the public display page for this resource, I'd like users to be able to click on the link. It is shown as a text string. How do I turn it into a link?

I've done various things with the short code for the field in Upfront elements, but with no success
[ct id="_ct_text_56ceefdd6e1b3" property="title | description | value"]

This is one of the resources I've created so far, showing the web address as text:

The site will be maintained by non-technical people and it is not suitable to enter HTML tags in the custom fields to get the desired result. I've tried including REGEX validation for this field to assist untrained volunteers entering a URL correctly, but it is not working either.