How to Turn off Local Storage Snapshots

Hey There,

Hope you're doing well! Just a quick question, how can we disable snapshot from creating local backup archives. So for instance, we simply want our snapshots to be sent to S3 and not on our local server?

  • Milan

    Hello Josh,

    I hope you are having a good day and thanks for asking us. :slight_smile:

    Actually you can't turn off local storage of snapshots because our Snapshot Pro need at least one local copy to send it to other cloud services.

    But you can for sure limit local copies to 1 by using Snapshot's Maximum number of local archives option. All you need to do is, set that option to 1, this way you will be able to keep only one local copy of Snapshot. Later on you can delete it too from /wp-content/uploads/snapshots/ directory if you want.

    Hope that helps ? Please ping me back if you need help with something else. I am here to help you. :slight_smile:
    Best Regards,

  • christopher_wilson

    So, I'd love some clarification on this.

    I have Snapshot set to save to a DropBox folder. My SLA with my clients says that I will keep a year's worth of weekly back ups in case they want to go back and pull up an old site. Silly, I know, but it certainly makes them feel better.

    To meet this requirement, I have the 'storage limit' set to 52.

    I have NOT asked Snapshot to keep local backups, but understand that it needs to create the backups locally before uploading to DropBox. I would assume that these are safe to remove once the backup is uploaded to DropBox.

    What I'm seeing is this:

    DropBox has way more than 52 backups for any one site, and my local server has to be emptied by hand lest I fill up my server drive space with unwanted local backups.

    What I'm suspecting is this:

    The "Storage Limit" is referring to local space only, and SnapShot doesn't actually curate my DropBox space at all.

    Would it be true that these settings should actually be set to a Storage Limit of 1, to keep the local drive more or less empty, and then I'll have to find a way to handle the DropBox manually?


    • Predrag Dubajic

      Hi christopher_wilson,

      Number of Snapshots that should be stored is for the local server, it will not affect the number of files that are saved on remote destination.

      When you start Snapshot process the backup will be performed on your site and the backup file is first created on your server, after it's created then it's sent to remote destination.

      So, if you want to keep minimum local backups you will need to set this option to 1 because 0 means that unlimited backups will be kept.

      Hope this clears things up and if you have any additional questions please start a new chat so we don't spam original poster with the email notifications about our discussion :slight_smile:

      Best regards,

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