how to turn on buddypress plugin without dashboard access?

Hi I turned off buddy press to solve another problem and now my sites gone down so i can’t access dashboard to turn it back on. How do I turn buddy press back on without the dashboard? Do i access the database?

Please come back quick as the site is down and its a big community.

Thanks In advance

  • Jude
    • DEV MAN

    Hi there @studio3creative

    We’re coming back as quick as we can here :slight_smile:

    function run_activate_plugin( $plugin ) {
    $current = get_option( 'active_plugins' );
    $plugin = plugin_basename( trim( $plugin ) );

    if ( !in_array( $plugin, $current ) ) {
    $current[] = $plugin;
    sort( $current );
    do_action( 'activate_plugin', trim( $plugin ) );
    update_option( 'active_plugins', $current );
    do_action( 'activate_' . trim( $plugin ) );
    do_action( 'activated_plugin', trim( $plugin) );

    return null;
    run_activate_plugin( 'buddypress/bp-loader.php' );

    Just copy/paste the code into the functions.php file of your child theme or a site specific plugin if you use one via FTP and then remove later.

    Hope that helps


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