How to update a Child theme to the latest parent version


I have a child theme for my website, I can't contact the designer who created it but I notice that the version for the theme is behind the current version of the parent theme.

I don't know how to update it without writing over it with the parent theme.

Can anyone help?


  • Rupok

    Hi dice

    Not exactly. Let me give you a detailed idea on child themes. Suppose, you have a specific theme for your website. You want to change the "single post" page template and you want to show the title below the content. Now if you edit your theme, then all your changes will be gone when the theme updates.

    So what we usually do is we create child theme with our required modifications. Child theme gets all CSS, JS and other things from parent main theme but usually child themes consist of customization tweaks. So when you update parent theme, none of your modification is gone.

    Now if you want to update your child theme, that means you are going to replace all your customization. If you are 100% that the updated version of this child theme consists of all the modification, you can simply replace the content inside child theme folder with latest updated files of that child theme inside your themes folder.

    So when you update your parent theme, it only updates the parent theme. If you update your child theme, it only updates your child theme.

    I hope I could make you understand. Please let us know if you have any further confusion. We will be glad to help.

    Have a nice day. Cheers!

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