How to upgrade to PHP API Client to PHP 5.3?


I am seeking information on how to setup my PHP to 5.3. Currently I have the red error box upon setting up Appointments+ saying, "[Appointments+] Google PHP API Client requires at least PHP 5.3"

I am on shared hosting, Bluehost. How may I set this up? Thanks!

  • Avalokita
    • New Recruit

    Ok, I've asked too soon. I've found the settings in my Bluehost account and see that upgrading my scripts to 5.3 is quite easy, I am just wondering if it will effect any of my sites that are under my account.

    If you have any advise on what files I should back up (.htaccess, etc) before upgrading that would be helpful.

    Thanks again!

  • aristath
    • Recruit

    Hello there @Avalokita and welcome to the WPMU-DEV Community!

    I am just wondering if it will effect any of my sites that are under my account.

    That depends on what you're using for all your sites... If they are all WordPress and they have been updated to their latest version (so have their plugins and/or themes) you won't have any issues.

    If you have any static pages in there, you won't have any issues either.

    If you are using something pretty old on one of your sites (for example a really old version of WP, an early version of Drupal 6 or below and other stuff that you haven't been updating) then you might have some issues.

    I'd say you simply visit those sites and test them out!

    I hope that answers your question!

    I am marking this issue as resolved, if however you need any further clarifications don't hesitate to reopen it!


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