How to use Ad Sharing in Wordpress Multisite Network?

I'm confused on how your plug-in and Google Adsense talk to each other. I've installed the plug-in and it is functioning properly in my Wordpress MU. I guess I was expecting an interface within Wordpress to see the sharing and accounting of advertising income. So this leads me to a few questions.

Does the sub blog administrator need to create a Google Adsense account? Or, is everything done within my Google Adsense account?

Do I place my Google Adsense code into the sub blogs, or does the sub blog administrator put in theirs?

Where can I see that Google Adsense revenue is being shared correctly? Inside my Google Adsense account?


  • Patrick
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    Hiya @jeffrey_forsberg

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    The answers to most of your questions can be found here:

    Where can I see that Google Adsense revenue is being shared correctly?

    This needs a bit of clarification. The plugin doesn't actually split revenue; it splits ad impressions. In other words, the sharing percentage you set determines how often your ads show up on sub-sites, compared to how often your users ads show up on their sites. So, the stats you see your Adsense account only concern money in your pocket.

  • Timothy
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    Hello, hope you're well!

    How's things going now, we haven't heard from you in a short while and as such he thread became marked as "Resolved".

    If you're still in need any help then please feel free to reopen or create a new thread as needed for any issues.


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