How to use add_option during blog creation

Hey guys. Me again. I have tried for hours and seem to be getting nowhere so have come to you for your expert help…

I am trying to achieve something which I believe should be simple. However it does not seem to work for me.

All I want to do is add a few options to the wp_options table when a user creates a blog.

<?php // update smtp settings on blog creation
add_option( 'smtp_host', '', '', 'yes' );
add_option( 'mail_from_name', 'crazyname', '', 'yes' );
add_option( 'smtp_from', 'crazyemail', '', 'yes' ); ?>

This is basically what I am using to test. I have tried this in a few places, but I have put this in the remove-email-verification plug-in as this happens once the new blog details have been submitted.

I have actually added it to here;

function activate_on_blog_signup($domain, $path, $title, $user, $user_email, $key, $meta) {

But no options are being added to the new blog when I check in phpmyadmin.

What am I doing wrong?

Thanks for any help, as always!! :slight_smile: